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Color WheelHue, Value, Saturation

Color Wheel- The color wheel is a circle which joins the two ends of the color spectrum together and shows where colors fall in relation to one another. This was established as one color theory.

Primary Colors- In traditional color theory there are three primary colors are red, blue and yellow. They cannot be mixed using any other colors and in mixing these three colors, all other colors are created.

Secondary Colors- In traditional color theory there are three secondary colors are orange, purple and green. These are a result of two of the three primary colors being mixed evenly. For example, mixing red and yellow makes orange.

Complimentary Colors- Each primary color has a complimentary secondary color, and these pairs of colors lie directly across from each other on the color wheel. For example, the complimentary color of blue is orange. If the complimentary colors are mixed the result is a neutral gray. When placed next to each other, the high degree of contrast balances the two colors.

Primary Colors- protruding
Secondary Colors- receding


Complimentary Colors